Lead generation

Strategy, Plan, Implementation

Our Proprietary method guarantees

  • A deep understanding of your target audiences, enabling successful lead generation campaigns.
  • Discovery of your unique niche for future marketing lead generation campaigns.
  • Definition and creation of strong door openers – marketing tools and content components for generating high quality leads.
  • Planning of short-term, low-cost experiments to validate the selected door opener with the market.
  • Scaling campaigns with the highest performance rate for long-term success.

How we can help

Strategy, detailed implementation plan, delivery

Lead Generation

Detailed Marketing

Full Delivery in
Outsourcing Model

Strategy: 4 Steps process

Lead Generation Strategy



Review already defined lead generation strategy, past activities and their results. Understand marketing personas



Updating marketing personas with focus on key pain points. Determining key differentiators. Selecting key offerings / solutions /capabilities to serve as door openers for lead gen campaign.



Build lead gen marketing strategy which is in-line with business goals and reflects true market potential.



Prepare detailed report with defined door openers, target groups, clients’ pain points, market message and competitive advantages (USPs). Validation with top management, 1:1 mtgs with salespeople.

Marketing Plan: Time,Budget,Resources

Define a plan for a brand strategy and lead generation including CPC campaigns, outbound and inbound marketing activities, organic positioning

Time: 2-3 weeks

Lead Generation

Determine a plan based on defined strategy for inbound and outbound activities, new users’ acquisition with suggested budget, targeting and tools.
6 -months perspective. Estimation of expected sales results.

Brand Identity

Outline a unified messaging. Narrow down targeted, low-budget activities aimed at building visibility among selected target groups 6 -months perspective.


Review website structure with key landing pages. Build a list of 20 keywords that should be covered with website copy/blog content. Define conversion elements to be embedded on each landing page.

Content Marketing

Define a list of basic sales materials to be prepared in the first stage with table of content for each material. Define a list of 5 key downloadbles that should be developed to win contacts on the website.

Delivery Model

Outsourced marketing and lead generation team

Marketing Team in Outsourcing Model

  • Full coverage of all marketing tasks
  • Team of experts assigned to a project
  • Seniority level expertise – 15+ years of experience
  • Seamless communication – regular status meetings and daily contacts (Slack, Discord, MS Teams and more)
  • Full workflow and performance monitoring (Asana/ Monday)
  • Reporting and planning in line with prior business goals (OKRs method)